Extensive Training

My ability to counsel you is through extensive training and on going personal development, my own personal counselling and through my own life experiences.

I adhere ethically and morally to the counselling profession.

I also have regular one to one supervision to monitor my ability to counsel. If I feel you are outside my ability to help you, I would endeavour to refer you to the right person or agency.


My fee is £30 per session; this payable at the end of each session. (I cannot take credit cards). If you are unable to make an appointment half fee will be charged of £15.00. The reason for this is that I allocate that time for you and only for you.

Sessions are weekly, unless agreed. They last 50 minutes. We will agree a convenient time and day that suits us both; you will then have this appointment slot each time for as long as you want.

The sessions are held at my address which will be made clear to you when you confirm the booking. I am based in Alvingham, Lincolnshire.

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